The format for 2K events is multiple round robins followed by a first to two race win final.

The scoring system uses losses.

All the schedules on this page are either Type A using boats that are the same or Type B where the boats are not perfectly matched.

Section One

Schedules and Scoring pages all linked to the final results page.

For 7 Teams using 6 boats

Type A click here  7 Teams Type A boats same

Type B click here  7 Teams Type B different boats

Below please find schedules for 4-9 teams in either 4 or 6 boats. All the schedules are self populating: Just enter the team name click enter and the name should appear in the schedules.

All schedules appear in Excel workbooks: just look at the tabs at the bottom of the page to select the schedule you want.

There are two main types of schedule:

Type A Schedules: If the boats are the same then the simplest schedules may have teams sailing in some but not all the boats. There are fewer double changes and so this is the fastest schedule to use.

For the  Type A Workbook for 4-9 Teams in 6 Boats click here  Type A 4-9 Teams 6 Boats Self Pop.

Type B Schedules: The boats may have some differences, so these schedules attempt to ensure the teams all sail in all the boats. This means more double changes and as a result the schedule takes a little longer to complete.

For the Type B Workbook for 4-8 teams in 6 Boats  click here Type B Schedules Workbook for 6-8 Teams in 6 Boats

For the final day there is a new format  named the “Hamburg Format”. This is a series of races where each team has two chances of progressing to the final. The team ranked first after the previous stages is guaranteed a place in the final. Big bonus of the system is that we get clear rank order without having to have semi finals. petit finals etc which are very time consuming. So far used at Hamburg and Antibes with great success.

Click here for the Hamburg Format workbook  Hamburg Format 6-7-8 Teams

Random Two Boat schedules. These are for a number of skippers who sail with another randomly selected skipper against 2 other randomly selected skipper.

Click here for what we have so far!  2K Random Pairs Schedule 6 – 8 teams in 4 boats Random Pairs 10 to 12 Skippers 8 Skippers 4 boats 2K Team Racing