Schedules (Pairing Lists):

The format for 2K events is

Stage 1 multiple round robins followed by

Stage 2 a first to one or two race win final.

The scoring system uses losses, which means that all races count in Stage 1 and round robins as such have no special significance.

2K events use either 4 or 6 boats. If the boats supplied are all the same use Type A schedules. If there are known differences between the boats use Type B schedules. Type B schedules are designed to ensure teams sail as near equally across all the boats however this is rarely possible and there are typically more double changes.

Using the Schedules

All the schedules listed are in Excel Workbooks

On the first worksheet entitled Schedule enter the Team Designator (eg DMTRA) and in the next column the Team name. The race schedule and results sheets  will then populate automatically.

The Race Schedule indicates which coloured boats the teams will sail in each race, and also who is changing next.

The Results Sheet is completed race by race by the Race Officer and the overall score is calculated automatically. Any damage points can be added and the final points score is again calculated automatically.

Type A Schedules


7 teams using 6 boats click here

6 teams using 6 boats click here

5 teams using 6 boats click here

4 teams using 6 boats click here


6 teams using 4 boats click here

5 teams using 4 boats click here

Type B Schedules