This page shows all 2 vs 2 Keelboat Team Racing events. Events using the standard 2K Association Rules and Sailing Instructions have 2K in front of the name of the event.

Carmela Cup 2023, London

15/16 April


2K Formia 2023, Italy


21/23 April cancelled

Cumberland Cup, London

18/20 May

more info soon

Cagliari invitational 2023, Sardinia

26/28 May

more info soon

2K Ravenna 2023, Italy

2/4 June


2K Medemblik 2023, Netherlands

7/9 July

more info soon

Global Team Race Regatta 2023, London

21/23 September

To apply for an invitation please follow link below


2K Naples 2023

European 2K Tour Southern Final

20/23 October

more info soon

2K Berlin 2023

European 2K Tour Final

27/29 October

more info soon