This page shows all 2 vs 2 Keelboat Team Racing events. Events using the standard 2K Association Rules and Sailing Instructions have 2K as part of the name of the event

Australia 2K Championships, Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania 17 & 18 February 2024

Carmela Cup 13/14 April London ( 2v2 with spinnakers)

Baldwin Cup (USA) 18-20 April (2 v 2 without spinnakers) Click here for NoR

Stockholm 23-26 May (Invitational 2 v 2)

Medemblik 2K 21/23 June

Helsinki 2K 26-28 July

Formia 2K 30 August to 1 September

Swiss 2K League 19-20 October (Invited Swiss Club Teams in this our first year)

Global Team Racing Regatta, (2K Format) Naples 16-19 October

Berlin 2K 25-27 October

with more to follow.