Despite the forecast the Race Committee managed to complete a full round robin in good racing.

DMTRA are leading after a near faultless day of racing closely pursued by Rome Racing with Serpentine in 3rd.

The closest and most action packed race was between the two young Italian Teams CNVA and Team Banana. At one stage it seemed like no body wanted to take the privilege of rounding the leeward mark in first. As no team arrived in a safe 1-2 the lead boat simply gybed back to take an opponent back to 4th… actually in the process ending up in third. Eventually this game of musical chairs was won, and Banana went on to take a very hard fought win.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda suffered an injury to one of the skippers in race 2 and sailed the remainder of the races with hastily drafted substitutes. All hope to see the team back to strength by tomorrow.

Cala Galera results

Round Robin Scoring Grid Round Robin 1 Add any Race Win penalties as advised by Jury
CNVA YCCS Thames DMTRA Serp Rome Banana
Win=W Loss=L Win=W Loss=L Win=W Loss=L Win=W Loss=L Win=W Loss=L Win=W Loss=L Win=W Loss=L Race Losses Penalties Total Position
CNVA L W L L L L 5 5 7
YCCS W W L L L L 4 4 6
Thames L L W W L W 3 3 4
DMTRA W W W L W W 1 1 1
Serp W W L W L W 2 2 3
Rome W W W L W W 1 1 2
Banana W W L L L L 4 4 5