In the final event of the 2022 2K Tour Team Roma, Saverio Ramirez and Edoardo Mancinelli Scotti and their formidable team made the most impressive of Tour returns to win the 2022 Championships in a decisive win against the leading Netherlands team, the DMTRA. Three days of difficult racing conditions saw the Potsdam Yacht Club squeezing racing into every possible moment completing two round robins and finding just enough time for a knock out Final. Poland was represented for the first time by two seasoned match racing crews led by Patryk Zboja , and a new team from northern Germany “Heizkörper “, in addition to regulars Serpentine (GBR) and Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (ITA).

Day 1 started with some surprise losses by the seasoned teams to see Team Roma and Poland in the lead, then Day 2 and with very light and shifty conditions the Poles position becomes vulnerable as the Dutch find their winning ways… and now it is all down to the second race between Poland and the Netherlands to see who will advance to the final. The wind becomes challengingly fickle, but the Dutch find the breeze first and break away on the final run…only to run out of gas just meters from the line…. the Poles are back in the game, but just too late allowing the DMTRA to win in the tensest of races.

The final sailed in even more difficult conditions saw the lead change again and again until the final two legs when both Italian boats finding the breeze first chase it to the left, leaving the Dutch to risk going right. And it works, the race is compressed… but just not enough, giving the Italians the race, the regatta and the European Tour Champions prize.

Very special thanks to Potsdam Yacht Club who having just hosted the final Optimist event of the season ran this the final 2K event brilliantly. Additional thanks from all the 2K Sailors and officials for the amazing help of Heiko Thölmann and the outstanding team from the DMTRA who towed 3 of the J70s across Germany and back again to allow it all happen. Wow!!

Final Positions:

1 Team Roma (ITA)


3. Poland

4. Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (ITA)

5. Serpentine (GBR)

6. Heizkörper (GER)