In very breezy conditions the first Turkish 2K event got off to a very exciting start. Racing just south of the Bosphorus with the magical old city as a backdrop the teams were faced with very strong and blustery conditions. Fortunately we were in a sheltered bay so flat water. Even reefer the Platu 25’s proved a real challenge. After 8 races and with the wind strength rising the event was stopped for the day, but just in time for the local sailors to take the visiting teams on a boat trip to the old city and an evening out.

in the racing, the DMTRA team just returned from the World Match Race Tour showed real skill in both team racing and in boat handling, but even they were relieved when the Tour Director called an end to the day’s proceedings.

in an awesome match between the Italians and the Bavarians, the line honours went to Bavaria, while the Dutch were to win against both.

in the local Derby the maych race legends Team Turquoise lost by only the slightest of margins to Team Cheese ( yes that is the name)

racing tomorrow has been brought forward an hour.

the big question remains…. Given the skill of the local teams will they be able to take on the more experienced team racers from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany….

All to to play for.