imageDay 2 and yes we were right all was to play for. In perfect cnditions the Turkish teams showed amazing speed and excellent tactical awareness against their more seasoned rivals. the three local teams have all taken to 2K, especially Team Cheese, who ended Day 2 as overall winners in a tie break against DMTRA(Dutch). Third looks like BYC, who currently are tied with Aniene And local team Turquoise.

Tomorrow 2 more round robin races before moving to the repecharge and the knockouts.

Great party and supper at the Sailing Club…. The author slipped out to file this report as the team’s wound up for a night of dancing…. But he did get a lovely commemorative plaque from the President and a promise that Istanbul will be firmly on the 2K map.

for all anxiously awaiting results will have them for you ASAP on Sunday. Check facebook as well.