In a sun drenched final Yacht Club Costa Smeralda wins the first of the 2k tour events with an undisputed 1-2 in both races.

The day started with rain and no wind, but the Race Officer Constanzo Villa managed to get in 4 of the critical races to complete the round robin. But the wind gods then turned off the breeze leaving the results from the first round to decide the finalists. Cork placed No. 1 had broken the 3 way tie against Spinnaker and YCCS, and it was against YCCS that they were to sail to decide their fate. The Italians had the better of both starts and romped away to 2 clear wins.


Yacht Club Costa Smeralda 1
Royal Cork 2
Spinnaker 3
Rome Racing Team 4
Royal Thames 6
Serpentine Racing 7
Yacht Club Bavaria 8