The Edmiston Trophy this year has been hosted by the Real Club Nautico Gran Canaria. Racing in fantastic conditions in the Clubs fleet of Ideal 18’s in the harbour YCCS proved themselves unbeatable on the first day. Day 2 saw their opponents moving rapidly up the learning curve, snatching 2 wins from the Italians, but nowhere near enough to threaten their lead. Day 3 and with YCCS unbeatable, a programme of Random pairs was run, with wins much more evenly spread, but this time the challenge was to determine which of the YCCS boats should win the Chief Umpire prize….. In the end with all the tie break rules exhausted the winner was Ettore Botticini’ s boat that took first place.

Overall positions,

1 YAcht Club Costa Smeralda

2 Real Club Nautico Gran Canaria

3rd equal. Santander and the Royal Yacht Squadron