Brilliant racing ended the 2K Athens with brilliant sunshine and great breeze.

Using the new formula of round robin racing up to the finals allowed all teams to sail on the final day.

Spinnaker who finished day 1 without a single loss, Royal Cork had suffered 2 losses but without adding to their losses on day 2 moved the final.

Spinnaker took the first race by winning the drag race to the left. But race 2 was a different matter. Only by gaining and holding first place was Tom Hebbert able to dominate the left on the final run. Luffing both RCYC boats far to the right allowing Sam Littlejohn to race through into first, taking a final defensive position to allow his team mate to finish in a good second.

Spinnaker move into the record book by being the first 2K team to win an event without a single loss.


1stSpinnaker (GBR)

2nd Royal Cork Yacht Club (IRL)

3rd Yacht Club Costa Olanda (NED)

4th Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (ITA)

5th Yacht Club Greece (GRE)

6th Team Chaos (GER/NZL)