Rome in champion form showed their heavy weather skills by clinching the finals against European Champions Spinnaker.

Switzerland who came from the back, broke though the highly talented Scotland team, Royal Forth Hoosiers to take 3rd.

Spinnaker, sailing in a new combination started the event on the back foot but fought back strongly to gain a well deserved finals slot, but against the seasoned Italians they finally met their match.

Brilliant racing and Organisation from the Antibes Match Racing Association has put Antibes firmly on the 2K map.

Day 3 Racing

Match 1 Furia(SWI)  vs Bavaria  Winner Furia

Match 2  Bavaria(GER) vs AMRA(FRA)  AMRA 2  Bavaria 1 Winner AMRA

Match 3 Furia (SWI) vs AMRA (FRA) Winner Furia

Match 4 Hoosiers (GBR) vs Spinnaker (GBR) Winners Spinnaker

Match 5 Hoosiers (GBR) vs Furia (SWI) Winners Furia

Match 6 Spinnaker(GBR) vs Furia (SWI) Winners Spinnaker

Match 7 Spinnaker (GBR) vs Rome (ITA) Spinnaker 0 Rome 2


Final Placing

1st  Rome Racing Team (ITA)

2nd Spinnaker (GBR)

3rd Furia (SWI)

4th Royal Forth Hoosiers (SCO/GBR)

5th AMRA (FRA)

6th Bavaria (GER)