Italian 2K Championships Final Day

Three days of brilliant sunshine and great breeze set the backdrop for the most dramatic of 2 K events.

Two years of hard campaigning and training delivered the goods… Eight teams all remarkably close in speed and tactical awareness. Gone were the days of shouting, arrived were the days of calculation, brilliant timing and superb boat handling.

Day. 3 started with a light breeze which quickly filled to a steady force 3, flat water and 25 degrees under a cloudless sky. Racing in the Silver Fleet started the day with an early win for the Germans and the scenes was set for a major tie breaking exercise to decide the group winner. CNVA from Argentario picked the right moment to break through and took the honour… But the challenge of facing Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in the recharge was to prove too much. Dispatching their opponents with practiced precision YCCS then faced the host team Reale Circolo Canottiere Tevere Remo (Rome Racing) in the second semi final.

But first to see how the Irish from the Royal Cork Yacht Club would fare against the seasoned Dutch fresh from a winter of team and match racing. Race 1 and a pre start error by the Dutch gives the lead to the Irish…. Undeterred the Dutch got back into the action only to watch the Irish with remarkable speed take an easy 1-2. Declining to change boats the Dutch quickly turned the tables in race 2 leaving the score 1-1. Race 3 goes to the Irish and their first slot in a 2K finals.

The all Italian semi final proved to be the shoot out all had expected with protest flags flying even before the prep. With positions changing again and again in every race, the young Roman team of Saverio Ramirez and Edoardo Scotti Mancinelli finally took the 3rd and final race to win 2-1, and the Italian Championships.

With time running out the Irish now entered the fray against the exuberant Romans. A poor start by Italy set the scene for an easy win….and so it was till the last 50 meters. with Scotti spinning all was down to Ramirez , who started what was the most exciting of dog fights, some six penalty turns later and the Italians gained the inside at the pin, locked out the Irish who in desperation drove for a non existent gap… Only to watch with despair as the Rome team crossed to win 1-2 and their first 2K title.

1st. Reale Circolo Canottiere Tevere Remo
2nd Royal Cork Yacht Club
3rd Dutch Match and Team Racing Association
4th Yacht Club Costa Smeralda