The day started with a re-sail between Serpentine and DMTRA. The decisive win by Serpentine nearly sealed the fate of the Dutch, but it was the success of the Royal Thames in their subsequent matches that took them ahead of their nearest rivals to clinch the finals slot in the Round Robin series to meet locals Ravenna captained by the very experienced Jacopo Pasini.

The Finals sailed in a fresh Force 4 were decided by the starts. Royal Thames who had been on the pace all weekend, failed to capitalise on their experience and were OCS in both races. Race 1 was a clear win for the Italians, but Race 2 saw the Thames back in the action quite quickly, but a brilliant conversion at the offset mark by Pasini sealed the race and the event.

Fantastic support from the entire club. A host of volunteers made everything happen like clockwork. 2K will be back, and we hope to see more of Ravenna on the 2K circuit.

Final results below and photos to follow….also if we can upload it some brilliant drone footage of the racing.