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Day 2 of the Medemblik 2K dawned with light winds and sunny, but it didn’t take long for the breeze to fill in and the racing to get under way. The last 6 races of round robin 1, featured some of the pre-event top seeds, and it proved to be close right from the off, with Costa Olanda overturning 1-2 to B2K at the first mark by the finsh line. Henry Arnold sailing for Royal Thames, did his best to show no after effects from the night in Amsterdam, all we know is that he failed to make the ‘party bus’ home but still managed to turn up for racing on the second day.

They racing was very intense, many times boats were sailed long distances away from the windward, or well off too onside. Indeed in a match between Spinnaker and DMTRA Martianthe was forced so far off the course, the umpire was heard to remark ‘are they going to Stavoren (this being on the other side of the Ijsseljmeer)
Race of the day was the incident packed battle between Costa Olanda and Royal Thames, a big incident at Mark 1 caused JJ the umpire to have a blue flag flying and then needing to fly a green, just at the time his driver hit the throttle and spun the rib to avoid another boat. The inevitable happened and JJ ended up in the sea, but credit to his umpiring credentials, he happily bobbed to the surface and calmly showed the green flag, and blew the whistle. The race conitnued in a tight vein all the way round and was only settled right on the finish line when a RTYC was penalised for breaking 18.2.c.2, which caused much debate at the post racing debrief.
Tonight the teams are having dinner in Medemblik and will be looking forward to Monday’s racing where we have another 18 or so round robins to sail but with a good forecast should be achievable. Leaders on Day 2 are Costa Olanda with 2 losses, DMTRA also with 2 losses, and ARTMD on 4 losses – the Dutch teams are doing well on home waters
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