No less than 16 teams competed in the New Year’s Cup held on the 31st December 1st January in Qingdao in no less than -4 C!!!

2015 Qingdao Haofeng New Year’s Cup — 2K Teams Racing Results
Rank Code Sail No. Team Name Win Races Total Races Win Rate Total Score
1 A 11 HNA Sailing Team 15 18 83% 34
2 L 17 Fengfan Flying Fish Sailing Team 14 18 78% 43
3 N 20 Qingdao Sailing Association 13 18 72% 32
4 G 18 Nanjing Song of Wind Team One 12 18 67% 38
5 K 06 ChiCheng Seven Star Team Two 11 18 61% 37
6 E 09 ChiCheng Seven Star Team One 11 18 61% 38
7 B 12 Flying International Club 11 18 61% 49
8 P 25 Qingdao International Marine Club 9 18 50% 35
9 D 19 Qingdao Science and Technology University 8 18 44% 48
10 O 05 WOB Sailing Team 7 18 39% 61
11 J 02 Nanjing Song of Wind Team Two 6 18 33% 46
12 H 21 Qingpu Dashan Sailing Team 6 18 33% 55
13 M 07 Voyager 6 18 33% 57
14 C 08 Renju Media Sailing Team 5 18 28% 55
15 I 16 Yantai Sailing Association 5 18 28% 55
16 F 15 ‘I want go to sail’Sailing Team 5 18 28% 61

New Year’s Cup – 2K Teams Racing in Qingdao, China


A heavy snow fall hit Qingdao and the temperatures dropped abruptly to minus 4 degree, but the Qingdao 2015” Haofeng” New Year’s Cup 2K Teams Racing was held as scheduled in the Olympic Sailing Center of Qingdao from December 31, 2014 to January 1, 2015. After two days of intense competition, 72 races had been completed among 16 teams and finally the Haihang Air Sailing Team took first place.


2K Teams Racing is two on two racing, in keelboats, without spinnakers. Competitors race on short, match race style courses with umpires. It’s fun, fast, social, and spectator friendly. Last year, 2K teams racing was first held in China and it was seen as a very successful regatta. This year many sailing enthusiasts were attracted to the regatta including professional athletes who participated in the regatta.


During the first day of racing heavy snow, strong winds and cold temperatures hit Qingdao but it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the competitors. Every team tried their best in at times difficult conditions to get the best result in their races. We believe it’s the first regatta to be held during at times driving snow in the north of China ever. The participants and race officials all agreed that the race style is competitive, novel and has a very interesting format. Mr. Qu Chun, the regatta founder, also the manager of Qingdao International Marine Club, said: “This represents an important step in the growing interest in 2K teams racing held in China. Last year was an exploration. We have learned lessons from it and summarized our experiences to produce an even better regatta. This year we have made considerable progress in race management. We hope 2K teams racing will be further refined and become more professional year by year. Our goal is to attract entries from all over the world.”


In preparation for the upcoming City Clubs Open Regatta (CCOR) in April, New Year’s Cup makes a good start. We welcome friends from all over the world to participate in CCOR.


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