Day 2 … More breeze and all teams turning up the pressure. Fantastic close racing in the shifty breeze


a brilliant day on the water finishing with a superb Gala Dinner hosted by our sponsors Europcar.

on the water Austria upsets the apple cart.

Round 2 and in a controlling combination Austria’s main halyard parts…. A re sail is ordered.

A re sail against The DMTRA ( Dutch). A not so brilliant start sees the Dutch in a commanding position buy in the shifty breeze there are no certainties. Bang bang and Austria now have leverage. Gaining the inside at the windward mark,it is now Austria. Fighting back strongly the Dutch regain the lead, but Austria keep their cool, take the right and then with victory slipping from their grasp hold astern at the finish boat, the gap opens the dive through and victory is theirs.

The Apple cart truly upset, as the Dutch who were leading now are second to Spinnaker.

Final ranking Day 2

1 Spinnaker
4 Ireland
5 Bavaria
6 team Europe
7 Serpentine
8 Austria.