a brilliant day of racing with steady breeze without a cloud in the sky. The competition really heating up with hardly a race uncontested, Rome who were trailing last night brought off a spectacular win against YCCS. The Dutch who started slowly on Day 1 were back on form also taking a useful win against the overnight winners. A photo finish between YCCS  and CNVA  just showed how well the teams were developing.

Allis still to play for. The top three teams have secure places in the semi finals, while the remaining teams will battle it out for the 4 th semi final slot.

so can the Dutch keep their momentum when they meet YCCS in the first semi final… And will Rome who have pulled back again and again be able to keep their winning ways.


and for those in Australia!



imageForecastI’m  is for more wind and probably higher waves …so come prepared for some great sailing.


Scarlino 2k Round 1