Two days of brilliant racing in the the very centre of Rotterdam saw no less than 12 teams mustered for what was to prove an extraordinarily exciting weekend of racing.

Using the HLS system to place all 12 teams in the a single league allowed the organisers to provide racing for all the teams until 2pm on Sunday. The top four teams Aalsmeer Braassem, Gouda and Maas then faced each other in 2 bitterly fought semi finals. Moving into the final are Aalsmeer and Braasem, who were to meet each other for the very first time. At this point the rudder assembly on one of the Braassem boats disintegrated. Amazingly a local welder with only 20 minutes managed to refashion the stainless steel gudgeon and racing commenced. The rudder and the teams tested to the extreme by the conditions produced some of the most dramatic racing of the weekend. In three in the tightest of races Braassem emerged the victor, a huge triumph given the impressive strength and speed of Aalsmeer.

Now we look to see these Dutch teams on the International circuit.


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