Brilliant racing in if possible even better conditions than yesterday. Now the round robin is complete with not a few surprises we move to the knockouts tomorrow.

New entrants from GBR Team Magnum,( mostly sailing with their husbands/ wives) showed brilliant form to take an impressive third.

Royal Cork, who were in all senses late starters, regained their earlier form to move up the rankings to second, but it is Team Roma, who holds first.

With all teams having moments of glory, in what became very demanding conditions the umpires were sorely tested.

In its third year 2K tactics have become much slicker, putting much pressure on the umpires to get it right, as race after race saw the final approach to the finish being key to winning.

Tomorrow will see some great clashes, can Rome hold against the highly experienced Brits and Irish. Will Yacht Club Costa Smeralda show the form that has allowed them to gain first place in the rankings.