Medemblik Full Results


Medemblik Final Results

Final results: 1 YCCO 2 CHAOS 3 ROME 4 SUSA 5 2KBavaria 6 DMTRA

Medemblik 2K Initial Results Costa Olanda in lead.

Just to translate… DMTRA  Dutch Match and Team Race Association SUSA Scottish Universities Sailing Association Team Chaos Berlin and New Zealand Costa Olanda Netherlands and Italy and the remainder are self explanatory.  

More great Ravenna Video

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2017 2K Rankings

Teams Helms     For full listings see:     See for full listings

Monaco…plans underway for a return in December for the 2017 2K Final Leg

Watch this space

Video from Ravenna

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Ravenna 2K and it is smiles all the way for the local team.

The day started with a re-sail between Serpentine and DMTRA. The decisive win by Serpentine nearly sealed the fate of the Dutch, but it was the success of the Royal Thames in their subsequent matches that took them ahead of… Continue Reading →

Day 2 Ravenna Royal Thames takes lead in tough tie break.

Despite a worrying start with little wind, suddenly a lovely Force 3 arrived at 1030 and  a perfect day of sailing, with winds increasing to a healthy but shifty Force 4. Royal Thames that had sailed a good Day 1… Continue Reading →

Ravenna Day 1

Fantastic Racing… sunshine, breeze and flat water. Using the fleet of Thom 28 Match Race boats in this perfect venue. Day 1 Results after 19 races. 1st home club Ravenna… a great start! 2nd DMTRA 3rd Royal Thames Yacht Club… Continue Reading →

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