Report from Coco Stelzer of BYC

We are hosting a 2K event for the first time in history and could not be more excited!

For the first time a 2K Cup takes place in Starnberg. Seven international teams are visiting us at this Oktoberfest weekend. Junior chairman Roman Luyken, who brought the 2K format to the BYC four years ago, opens the regatta at a traditional white sausage breakfast and welcomes our guests from England, Scotland, Italy and the Netherlands.

Bruce Hebbert, 2K Technical Director, explains some changes to the rules.

We were going to the first race on time at 10 o’clock. Until everyone has sailed against every other team, 21 races have to be sailed. (“Round Robin”). Although the wind was only 2 Bft. , we managed 11 races until the afternoon.

Tonight a gala dinner will take place at the casino.

On Saturday we will sail until early afternoon and afterwards we will go to Munich Oktoberfest (‘Wiesn’).

A big thanks goes to our sponsors and helpers, without whom the event would not have been possible. In particular, Marinepool, which have distributed sporty laptop sleeves and spacious bags; as well as SAP, who have made their Regatta software available to us. This made it possible for us to digitise the starting procedure, including countdown and flags, so that all members of the Race Committee were on the same level on time. The viewers on land were able to follow the start live and in real time and the results were displayed immediately.

The helpers of the Junior Department and the BYC 2K Team prepared the boats, looked after the participants and and organised the program (Roman, Fanny, Oliver, Max, Jan, Corinna, Madlen, Nina, Resi, Mani, Hanna, Faidon, the team members of the youth and junior division and the BYC- Camilla, Tina, Nico, Vivienne, Alessandra, Antonin, Thomas, Quirin). Thomas Klug and Regina Majer were on the committee vessel.

Also a big thank you goes to the boat owners, who provided their private boats, besides the four J70 of the club.

Starting time tomorrow, 30 September 2017 at 09.00 hrs.

Pictures will follow tomorrow.