The Winners Yacht Club Costa Smeralda


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Summary report:

We sailed all three days, but were plagued by unusually light and shifty  winds and problems with location of the race course!!!   We were unable to complete sufficient race for those raced in the second round to be valid. The attached score sheet shows the results from the first round robin. From this the top two teams then met in a finals. In both Yacht Club Costa Smeralda won the starts and remained unchallenged to the finish to take the event with a 2-0 scoreline.

Round Robin Results Summary Sheet Double RR1 Complete




Final Results


Yacht Club Costa Smeralda 1
Royal Cork 2
Spinnaker 3
Rome Racing Team 4
Royal Thames 6
Serpentine Racing 7
Yacht Club Bavaria 8



Day 2 Results click here  Round Robin Results Summary Sheet Double RR Rome Day 2


Race Wins Race Points Penalties Nett Race Wins Position
Team 1 YCCS 5.5 5.5 1=
Team 2 RRT 4 4 3=
Team 3 ROY 3 3 6
Team 4 Serp 1 1 7
Team 5 Spin 5.5 5.5 1=
Team 6 B2KRT 0 0 8
Team 7 DMTRA 3.5 3.5 5
Team 8 C2KRT 4 4 3=

Day 1 Results  click here  Round Robin Results Summary Sheet Double RR Rome



Below please find the  Notice of Race, helpful advise regarding travel and accommodation and finally the entry form.

For Notice of Race click here Rome Notice of Race 2015 v0.2

For Travel and Accommodation click here Travel and Accommodation 2

For the entry form click here Rome Entry Form Jan 25

Sailing Agreement click here    R_ Rome 2K.rtfd

Sailing Instructions click here  E2KRI_SI

Race Schedule for Rome (Addendum B)  click here     Rome 2015 Race Schedule


Please note there are no spaces left for this event.





Rome Entries
Closing Date for Entries 21-Feb-15
Max entries 8
Min entries 5
Interested Entered and Paid
1 Home Team Rome Racing Team  Home Team
2 Tour Card Spinnaker Club 12-Feb-05
3 Tour Card YCCS  20 Feb 05
4 Tour Card DMTRA 23-Jan-15
5 Tour Card Serpentine 10-Feb-05
6 Tour Card Royal Thames 03-Feb-15
7 Open Bavaria 20-Jan-15
8 Open Royal Cork 21-Jan-15