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3 Bayerischer Yacht Club GER
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For Local Sailing Instructions Click Here Monaco 2K Local-Sailing-Instructions 2017 V.01_

For Standard Sailing Instructions Click Here 2K Standard-Sailing-Instructions 2017 V0.9 2 Dec 2017



 Below is the NoR….  apologies for format.

Yacht Club de Monaco 2K Team Race

(Two Sail- Two Boat International Keelboat Team Racing Regatta)

8th-10th December 2017


OA – organising authority           RRS – racing rules of sailing

NoR – Notice of Race                  SSI – Standard Sailing Instructions



The Organising Authority(OA) is Yacht Club de Monaco


The venue will be Monaco More information is contained on the regatta website www.yacht-club-monaco.mc/fr/evenements/sportifs/ and on www.2Kteamracing.com.


The event has applied to be a 2K Team Racing International Association graded event

The final grading assigned to the event will be in accordance with the 2K Grading Criteria published on the Association website.

    • Schedule
      • The Race Office will be open from 0800 on Friday 8th
      • Registration will be from 0800 until 0900 on 8th December unless extended by the OA
      • The first briefing for the team captains and skippers will be at 0900 on Friday 8th
      • The first meeting with umpires will be immediately on completion of the first briefing.
      • Racing days are from 8th to 10th December 2017.
      • The time of the warning signal of the first race on each day will be 1730
      • The latest time for a warning signal on the last day of racing will be 1530
      • Prize giving will be at 1630 at YCM.
    • Unless excused by the OA, attendance at the following is mandatory :
      • First briefing for the team captains and skippers.
      • Prize giving for the final teams.
      • A maximum of seven teams will be invited. Only teams invited by the OA will be eligible to enter this event.One place is reserved for a team representing the host club.the remaining places will be allocated on a “first come first serve” basis.
      • All competitors shall meet the eligibility requirements of ISAF regulation 19.2.
      • All skippers shall obtain an ISAF Sailor ID by registering online at www.sailing.org/isafsailor. Skippers shall inform the OA of their ISAF Sailor ID at registration.
      • Entering

The team shall be entered on completion of registration, the payment of all fees and deposits and signing of the “Sailing Agreement”. The entry fee and the damage deposit must be paid by bank transfer to the account of the 2K association. (See 17 (INVITATIONS) for Bank details). Teams will be considered as having entered when their entry feel has been received and credited in full to the 2K Euro or GB Pound account.

  • Entry Procedure
    • The minimum number of teams needed to hold the event is five. There is a strict maximum of seven teams.
    • The Closing Date for the event is 8th November 2017
    • If at 18:00 on the Closing Date the minimum number of teams have entered the event will proceed.
    • If at 18:00 on the Closing Date there are insufficient entries the event will be cancelled, and the entry fee less any bank charges will be returned.
    • If on the Closing Date the event is oversubscribed the Association will advise the team(s) concerned, these teams may request to be placed on a waiting list or have their entry fee (less bank charges) returned. All teams that have entered correctly and are not offered a place will have its entry fee (less any bank charges) refunded.
  • Entry Fee
    • A non-refundable entry fee of 1000€ shall bereceived on the bank account of the 2K Association before the Closing Date.
    • The entry fee includes the cost of J70 chartering, the YCM marina berth, the prize giving ceremony, the gala dinner The entry fee also includes the membership fee for the 2KTeam Racing International Association of €2 or £1.50 per personz.
  • Withdrawal
    • When a team accepts an invitation and later withdraws before the closing date, the entry fee the cost J70 chertering(less any bank charges) will be returned.
    • When a team accepts an invitation and later withdraws after the closing date, the entry fee will not be returned unless the team is able to find a replacement team that meets the requirements of this NOR.
  • Damage deposit
    • An initial damage deposit of 800€ shall be received on the bank account of the 2K Association before registrationunless extended by the OA.This deposit is the maximum payable by the team as a result of any one incident per boat.
    • If a deduction from the damage deposit is decided by the OA, it may require that the deposit be restored to its original amount before the team will be permitted to continue in the event.
    • Any remaining deposit after the event will be refunded within 10 days after the event.
  • Sailing Agreement

A “Sailing Agreement” (see addendum A) shall be signed by each team at registration before going afloat

  • Insurance

All competitors are required to have adequate third party insurance.

    • General
      • The event will be governed bythe ‘rules’ as defined in the RRS, including Appendix D, Team Racing Rules,
      • The 2K Team Racing International Association Standard Sailing Instructions (SSI) will apply. These change some rules in the RRS; theyare available on the 2K Team Racing website (2Kteamracing.com) and at registration.
      • The rules for Handling Boats (SSI Addendum A) will apply and will also apply to any practice sailing and sponsor races. Class Rules will not apply.
      • Any prescriptions of the national authority that will apply shall be posted on the official notice board.
      • The right of appeal will be denied in accordance with RRS 70.5 (a).
      • All races will be umpired.
      • The byelaws of the Yacht Club de Monaco and of Monaco harbour shall apply to all participants.
      • Neither the OA nor the host club accepts responsabilty for any loss or injury to competitor or guest however caused.
      • The event will be sailed in J70 type boats.
      • Boats will be allocated by the Race Committee.
      • This is a “White Sail” event, spinnakers will not be used.
    • CREW
      • A team shall comprise a total of 8 persons. The maximum of any one gender shall be 50% of the total, plus one. Teams sailing with a 50:50 gender mix will receive a ranking bonus. All registered crew shall sail all scheduled races.
      • There is no weight limit.
      • When a registered crew member is unable to continue in the event the OA may authorise a substitute, a temporary substitute or other adjustment.
      • Any team that is given permission to sail without the required number of crew or gender mix may be allowed to sail, however they shall not be eligible to compete in any knockout stage and their results shall be discounted when final positions are calculated.
      • The event will consist of the following stages:
        • Stage 1: Multiple round robins
        • Stage 2: Finals, knock out (first to score 2race win points)
      • The OA may change the format, terminate or eliminate any round, when conditions or the remaining time scheduled do not permit the completion of the intended format.
    • COURSE
      • The course will be windward/leeward course with spreader mark, starboard roundings and finishing downwind.
      • As boats and equipment will be supplied by the Organising Authority, ISAF regulation 20.4 applies. Each boat may be required to display advertising as supplied by the OA.
      • Boats shall not be permitted the right to protest for breaches of any rules regarding advertising (amends RRS 60.1).
    • PRIZES
      • The winning team will receive the YCM 2K Prize.
      • If required by the OA, media equipment (or dummies) supplied by the OA shall be carried on board while racing.
      • Competitors shall not interfere with the normal working of the OA supplied media equipment.
      • The OA has the right to use any images and sound recorded during the event free of any charge.

Adequate personal floation devices may be required to be worn by all crew members when afloat. Competitors are advised to contact the OA to see if they may be borrowed.


Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the boat nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury however it may have been caused, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the race and the event, and include the organising authority, the race committee, the race officer, patrol boats and beachmasters and, for the purposes of this clause, the umpires.


Entries will only be accepted from invited skippers. If you wish to be invited please enter your team as soon as possible but not later than the Closing Date the registration date the Friday 8 th December at 12.00am ]by completing the online 2K entry form, which can be foundon the event page of the 2K Team Racing International Association: https://2kteamracing.com/events/.

Also make sure that the entry fee is received on the bank account of the 2K Association before the Closing Date.

NAME OF ACCOUNT     : 2K Team Racing Association Europe

CITY                              : Delft

IBAN:                             : NL05INGB0006736774

For GB £ entries.


To reduce bank and exchange rate charges the following option is available: To gain an entry to the event the entry fee in GB £ must be transferred to the 2K GB Account. When the entry has been accepted and it is clear that the event will be going ahead the team must make the Euro payment to the 2K Euro Account. On receipt of the full Euro entry fee the GB £ fee will be returned in full in GB £ to the team.


Bank Name Lloyds Bank:

Sort Code: 30-97-49

Account Number: 11768660


Please note all charges are payable by the team making the payment.

Please ensure when making this payment that you give the name of your team and include a reference to the event.


For answers to questions or more information regarding this event, please contact: Thierry Leret t.leret@ycm.org

[insert name and contact details]


Olivier Roinson o.roinson@ycm.org

[insert any details of the social programme including dress code]


Amelie Sayer: hotels@yacht-club-monaco.mc

[insert any information concerning travel and accommodation]


This sailing agreement is to be completed and signed by the person in charge before sailing a club-provided J70 type boats.


Team name: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Name of person responsible for boat 1: (skipper 1) ……………………………………………………


Name of person responsible for boat 2: (skipper 2) ……………………………………………………


In taking part in a Yacht Club de Monaco organised event using the Club-provided J70 and/or sailing in a Club-provided J70 type boatsI declare that I and my team members are competent sailors and fit to sail in the conditions in which we will find ourself when leaving the mooring and coming to the starting area.

I agree to be responsible for the safety of the boat and her crew, whether afloat or ashore, and that nothing, whether in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility.

I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing (when applicable] (when applicable) and the byelaws of Yacht Club de Monaco (when applicable).

In respect of damage, breakage or loss of equipment I agree to be bound by the following convention:

  • To report to the designated person at the event any damage, breakage or loss of equipment, concerning either the boat in which I am sailing or another boat, of which I become aware.
  • Where the damage, breakage or loss of equipment is identified as being my fault, the Club may debit my account or damage deposit up to the maximum payable sum as described in the NoR in respect of that incident;
  • Where the damage, breakage or loss of equipment is identified as being the result of an incident between two or more boats where responsibility cannot be apportioned, the Club may debit my account or damage deposit up to the maximum payable sum as described in the NoR divided equally between all the parties involved in respect of that incident;
  • Where the damage, breakage or loss of equipment is identified as having occurred during the event but a directly responsible party cannot be identified, the Club may debit my account or damage deposit up to the maximum payable sum as described in the NoRdivided equally between all competing participants in the event in respect of that incident.


Signature skipper 1





Signature skipper 2