Gaeta again lived up to its reputation for providing some of the very best racing. Racing started between 1030 and 1130 daily depending on the arrival of the breeze. Then perfect sailing until the early evening.

Day 1 saw Serpentine in the form that would take them to the end of the event. Total mastery of the boats and the conditions. With almost military precision they hacked their way through their opponents one by one. Spinnaker was an early victim of this onslaught…and not until the third round robin was Spinnaker to emerge as a real threat…a devastating defeat at the close of Day 2 placed Spinnaker back as favourites to win… and so it would have been had a final not been sailed.

Race 1 and Spinnaker had the edge, but after that Serpentine somehow refreshed came back hard. A tightly fought duel, but Serpentine broke through to win. Race 3 and it was Serpentine all the way to the Winners podium.

Gaeta welcomed a Scandinavian team formed around a Swedish core to the 2K Circuit. We look forward to seeing them in Hamburg and Venice.

Final ranking

1st Serpentine

2nd Spinnaker

3rd Yacht Club Costa Smerlada

4th Royal Thames Yacht Club

5th Bavaria

6th Sweden

7th Yacht Club Gaeta

Round Robin Final Score Grid

Round Robin Final Score Grid

Day 3 Round Robin 3 Complete Round Results

Gaeta Round 3 complete results


Day 2 Results Complete

Total Results end day 2


Round Robin 2 Complete

Round Robin 3 Complete Results

Round Robin 3 Partial Results

Round Robin 3



Day 1 Serpentine take the lead.

Results of Round Robin 1

Day 1 Gaeta results

Results Round Robin 2

Day 1 RR2


Day 1 Positions



Schedule of Racing for Gaeta. Please download onto phone or whatever.

Gaeta Schedule


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NAME OF ACCOUNT     : Yacht Club Gaeta E.V.S.

CITY                              : Gaeta

Bank Account                  : Monte dei Paschi di Siena – Agenzia Gaeta

IBAN:                             : IT 65 Y 01030 73990 000001429244


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In the meantime the Chief Umpire’s Holiday shots to whet your interest.

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