Dutch Win Final 2-1 against Rome Racing Team


After a day of decidedly difficult weather and even more difficult forecasts finally by 1200 there was enough wind to race. Some amazing racing, but the big upset was Spinnaker dominating against the DMTRA, then Bosphorus University pushing the Dutch to the limit, before having to concede on the final run. But time was not on anyone’s side especially Istanbul Sailing Club in third place who were denied an opportunity to test themselves against both Rome and DMTRA. Though the defeat to Spinnaker reversed the order at the top the finalists were decided by the clock. Rome who had moved into first against their old adversary the DMTRA from Holland.

Race 1 and the Dutch (DJ Korpershoek) is OCS…it is all down to Thijs Smit. A lift on starboard gives him control of Edoardo Mancinelli Scotti’s boat… Saverio Ramirez gives up first to free his companion, allowing Korpershoek to take the lead. 1-4 at the windward mark the Dutch skilfully convert to a 1-2 on the final run and victory.

Race 2 and it is Italy all the way… until at Mark 1 the Dutch in Yellow are back in the action… a Yellow penalty and it is all over.

Now 1 – 1 Race 3 starts in drifting conditions…and gets worse. Rome dominate, but Korpershoek is able to get a toe in the door. Smit who had banged the righthand corner looked lost in the mists and rain clouds…but the Gods were Dutch… and from nowhere he is back in the game. The final mark and it is 1-2 to Holland with the Italians struggling. Then a light breeze picks up from astern… Ramirez is catching Korpershoek… Smit has gone left , but Scotti with real pace gains an inside overlap.. and forces Smit away from the line…. the finish line is short.. Scotti luffing hard forces Smit to foul Ramirez… a forest of protest flags and Scotti is penalised for forcing Smit to break a rule… The Blue penalty flag goes up and it is all over…. The Dutch gain a well deserved 2-1 win against a superb opponent.

Final Ranking

2nd Rome
3rd Istanbul
4th Spinnaker
5th Serpentine
6th Strangford Loch
7th Royal Thames
8th Bosphorus

Day 3 Round Robin Results

Final SCORESHEETS Addendum H Round Robin Scoring Sheets



Results to end of Day 2


Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 07.45.03



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Istanbul Entries
Closing Date for Entries 10-Jul-15
Max entries 8
Min entries 5
1 Home Team Istanbul Sailing Club TUR
2 Tour Card Spinnaker Club GBR
3 Open Bosphorus University TUR
4 Tour Card DMTRA NED
5 Tour Card Serpentine GBR
6 Tour Card Royal Thames GBR
7 Open Strangford Yacht Club IRL