Event Report


Despite the gloomy forecast the famed Cala Galera weather held for all 3 days. Some very impressive sailing especially by the host team CNVA who on day 2 lost only one race, and that to the eventual winners Rome Racing Team.

The Dutch team representing the DMTRA lead the results at the end of the first day, a great win against the Rome Racing Team set the bar for some brilliant tactical sailing. Day 2 and now it is Serpentine that shows great flair, but the Rome Racing Team seize the day by not losing a single race.

Day 3 and still all is to play for. Rome are clearly well positioned to get to the Finals, but second place has just 2 points  separating four teams. CNVA who had managed to beat the Dutch are the dark horse. Brilliantly fast in the light, but lacking in  tactical experience they nevertheless pull of a great win against Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, but it is the race against Rome that seals their fate.

The Dutch have 2 hard races to sail to gain a place in the finals, and they must win both. Race 1 against Rome(the favourites) sees the Dutch storming to a brilliant win… and then it is against Serpentine that they turn… now make or break for both teams it is the Brits that pull it off.

Now to the finals… Rome vs Serpentine.

A less than auspicious start for Serpentine gives Rome an easy win. Undeterred the Brits mount a massive counterattack and in a truly gripping second race prove their mastery. But time is not on their side, a lengthy repair to a Rome boat… sees the seconds tick away while the frustrated Brits wait to deliver what they hope will be a second great win.  but it was not to be, tied one all the tie is broken in Rome’s favour, giving them the First Overall.

The Rome Racing Team is captained by Saverio Ramirez and brilliantly supported by Edoardo Mancinelli Scotti and their highly polished crews.


Final results for Cala Galera.

Team Position
Rome 1
Serp 2
Banana 6
Thames 7




This is raced at CNVA at Porto Ercole just up the coast from Rome (Fiumicino).

Racing in a sheltered bay. Great breeze.

Exciting fast boats. The Comet 21.

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Cala Galera Entries
Closing Date for Entries 06-Jun-15
Max entries 8
Min entries 5
Interested Entered and Paid
1 Home Team CNVA
2 Tour Card Spinnaker Club
3 Tour Card YCCS
4 Tour Card DMTRA
5 Tour Card Serpentine  8 June 2015
6 Tour Card Royal Thames 25-Feb-15
7 Tour Card Rome Racing Team  5 June 2015
8 Open Bavaria 20-Jan-15