2K Tigers move to Monaco


Monaco is the arena for the next 2K Tour event this weekend. With three of the top teams coming together for the 2nd time in as many weeks this could be the big decider for the number 1 position in the World Rankings. Spinnaker’s Littlejohn and Hebbert, new boys to the tour have swept all before them as they have stormed up the rankings. But close behind Molinari’s Yacht Club Costa Smeralda team boasts huge experience in the tricky waters off Monte Carlo.

But can the Irish led by Fred Cudmore in their Mediterranean debut show the same brilliant form that they did in London? With teams from six countries including Germany, Holland and Monaco all of whom have experienced the conditions and scored well in past events this edition should be amongst the best.


To meet the challenge the Yacht Club has brought in no less than 5 top International Umpires and the best of Race Management teams.


(From Scuttlebutt Europe)