2K Team Racing International Association

 Annual 2K Team Racing Tour

Notice of Race

  1. The Annual 2K Team Racing Tour
    • The Annual 2K Team Racing Tour is for two-boat keelboat team racing sailed without spinnakers (white sail). It will be sailed in keelboats provided by the various host clubs.
  2. The Annual 2K Tour events will be held over
    • All the events listed on the 2K website for any specific year.
    • The Organising Authority for each event will be the host club.
  3. Event Grading
    • Each event is a 2K Team Racing International Association graded event.
    • The final grading assigned to the event will be in accordance with the 2K Grading Criteria published on the Association website.
  1. Participation rules to be ranked for the Annual Tour.
    • Teams must compete in the final event of the Annual Tour.
    • Teams must have competed in at least two other Annual 2K Tour events.
    • These three other events must have taken place in at least two countries. (ie not including Monaco)
  2. Annual Tour ranking points.
    • Team Tour ranking points will be calculated using the best 3 results from the above Annual Tour events including the final Tour Event.
    • The ranking points for the Tour Final event will be calculated as normal and then subject to a 25% bonus.

The winner of the Annual Tour will be the team with the highest Tour ranking points as calculated above, second place the team with the second highest Tour ranking points etc.